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STARS Project

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STARS Project
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The overall goal is to improve Food Security and smallholder farmers’ livelihoods in Tanzania and Uganda by improving agricultural information base for better decision making.


Objectives of the project include the following:

  1. Enhancing tools for monitoring of agriculture for food security using remote sensing in Tanzania and Uganda;
  2. evaluating satellite and UAV remote sensing methodologies for characterizing cropland;
  3. designing and  testing an area frame for agricultural statistics and monitoring;
  4. building  a database of ground reference data;
  5. and exploring private sector use and applications of remote sensing data for agriculture.


The AgriSense-STARS project has four sites:

  • Moroto: Moroto district is located in the semi-arid Karamoja and least agriculturally productive region in Uganda. 
  • Same: Same district is located in the northern Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.
  • Kilosa: Kilosa district is located in central Morogoro region of Tanzania.
  • Njombe: Njombe district is located in the southern Iringa region of Tanzania.