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Author: Chakrabarti, Subit and Bongiovanni, Tara and Judge, Jasmeet and Nagarajan, Karthik and Principe, Jose C.

Downscaling Satellite-Based Soil Moisture in Heterogeneous Regions Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing Products and Information Theory: A Synthetic Study

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
Volume: 53
Year: 2015
Number: 1
Pages: 85--101


Cotton,Downscaling,Entropy,Florida,Gaussian error,KLD,Kullback-Liebler divergence,Land surface,Laplacian error,Microwave theory and techniques,North Carolina,Observation System Simulation Experiment (OSSE),PDF,PRI method,PRI-based estimation,RMSE,SM estimation,Soil,Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP),Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS),Spatial resolution,UT method downscaled estimation,Vegetation mapping,auxiliary RS product,auxiliary remotely sensed product,cotton growing season,cumulative density function,downscaling satellite-based soil moisture,entropy,entropy information-theoretic measure,geophysical techniques,heterogeneous agricultural land cover,heterogeneous region,high-resolution remote sensing information theory,high-resolution remote sensing product,in situ SM observation,land cover,microwave brightness (MB) temperature,mutual information,novel methodology,overall SM error,principle of relevant information,probability,probability density function,remote sensing,simulation period confidence interval,soil,spatially averaged root mean square error,sweet corn growing season,synthetic observation,universal triangle,vegetation mapping,vegetative LC

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