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Author: dos Santos, Jefersson Alex and Gosselin, Philippe-Henri and Philipp-Foliguet, Sylvie and da S. Torres, Ricardo and Falao, Alexandre Xavier

Multiscale Classification of Remote Sensing Images

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
Volume: 50
Year: 2012
Number: 10
Pages: 3764--3775


Boosting,Feature extraction,Histograms,Image color analysis,Image segmentation,Support vector machines,Training,Vectors,boost-classifier,coffee plantations,geophysical image processing,hierarchical multiscale analysis,high-quality thematic maps,image classification,image descriptors,image segmentation,land cover use,linear support vector machines,multiscale classification,multiscale segmentation,radial basis function kernel,region descriptor,region distances,remote sensing,remote sensing image (RSI),remote sensing image multiscale classification,support vector machines,support vector machines (SVM),terrain mapping,training time,weak classifier

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