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Author: Mosleh, Mostafa K., and Hassan, Quazi K.

Development of a Remote Sensing-Based ``Boro'' Rice Mapping System

Journal: Remote Sensing
Volume: 6
Year: 2014
Number: 3
Pages: 1938--1953


Rice is one of the staple foods across the world, thus information about its production is essential for ensuring food security. Here, our objective was to develop a method for mapping ``boro'' rice (i.e., cultivated during the months January to May) in a Bangladeshi context. In this paper, we used a Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS)-derived 16-day composite of normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) at 250 m spatial resolution in conjunction with ancillary datasets (i.e., land use map, crop calendar, and ground-based rice production information) during the period 2007–-2012. The proposed method consisted of three procedures: (i) ISODATA clustering and determining the boro rice signatures in temporal dimension using data from the period 2007–-2009; (ii) formulating a mathematical model for extracting the boro rice areas using data from the period 2007–-2009; and (iii) model calibration using data from the period 2007–-2009 and its validation using data from the period 2010–2012. The implementation of the abovementioned procedures revealed reasonable agreements between the model (i.e., MODIS-based) and ground-based estimates of boro rice area at both country (i.e., percentage error in the range −0.83–-1.42%) and district levels (i.e., r2 in the range 0.69–-0.89) during the period 2010-–2012. Our proposed method demonstrated its effectiveness in mapping rice system at the regional/country scale.


Boro rice; MODIS; multi-temporal dataset; normalized difference vegetation index; spatial modelling

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