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Author: Chen, Hsien-Wei and Cheng, Ke-Sheng

A Conceptual Model of Surface Reflectance Estimation for Satellite Remote Sensing Images Using in situ Reference Data

Journal: Remote Sensing
Volume: 4
Year: 2012
Number: 12
Pages: 934--949


For satellite remote sensing, radiances received at the sensor are not only affected by the atmosphere but also by the topographic properties of the terrain surface. As a result, atmospheric correction alone does not yield output images that truly reflect terrain surface properties, namely surface reflectance (bidirectional reflectance factor, BRF) of objects on the earth surface. Following the concept of the radiometric control area (RCA)-based path radiance estimation method, we herein propose a statistical approach for surface reflectance estimation utilizing DEM data and surface reflectance of selected radiometric control areas. An algorithm for identification of shaded samples and a shape factor model were also developed in this study. The proposed RCA-based surface reflectance estimation method is capable of achieving good reflectance estimates in a region where elevation varies from 0 to approximately 600 m above the mean sea level. However, further study is recommended in order to extend the application of the proposed method to areas with substantial terrain variation.


path radiance,radiometric control area,reflectance,shape factor

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