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Author: Camacho, Fernando and Cernicharo, Jesús and Lacaze, Roselyne and Baret, Frédéric and Weiss, Marie

GEOV1: LAI, FAPAR essential climate variables and FCOVER global time series capitalizing over existing products. Part 2: Validation and intercomparison with reference products

Journal: Remote Sensing of Environment
Volume: 137
Year: 2013
Pages: 310--329


This paper describes the scientific validation of the first version of global biophysical products (i.e., leaf area index, fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation and fraction of vegetation cover), namely GEOV1, developed in the framework of the geoland-2/BioPar core mapping service at 1km spatial resolution and 10-days temporal frequency. The strategy follows the recommendations of the CEOS/WGCV Land Product Validation for LAI global products validation. Several criteria of performance were evaluated, including continuity, spatial and temporal consistency, dynamic range of retrievals, statistical analysis per biome type, precision and accuracy. The spatial and temporal consistencies of GEOV1 products were assessed by intercomparison with reference global products (MODIS c5, CYCLOPES v3.1, GLOBCARBON v2 LAI, and JRC SeaWIFS FAPAR) over a global network of homogeneous sites (BELMANIP-2) during the 2003–2005 period. The accuracy of GEOV1 was evaluated against a number of available ground reference maps. Our results show that GEOV1 products present reliable spatial distribution, smooth temporal profiles which are stable from year to year, good dynamic range with reliable magnitude for bare areas and dense forests, and optimal performances with ground-based maps. GEOV1 outperforms the quality of reference global products in most of the examined criteria, and constitutes a step forward in the development of consistent and accurate global biophysical variables within the context of the land monitoring core service of GMES.

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